As a content editor, I will check your manuscript for plot, flow, clarity, believable characters and dialogue, and passive writing. I work primarily with fiction but will accept non-fiction.

    I act as a writing coach, an editor, or an assistant, depending on the needs of each client.

    At Blue Mountain Editorial Service your work is treated with respect. I will work with you to improve and polish your manuscript but your book will remain the book you intended to write. I will make suggestions for your approval but I will not leave my mark on your manuscript.

    No work will be done on your manuscript until we have discussed fees and all questions have been answered to your satisfaction. Submit work in Microsoft Word 2000 or as regular e-mail with each chapter in a separate file. Corrections will be inserted in bold type.

    My client list is confidential and I will not discuss the work I do for you with anyone without your written approval.


* Disclaimer: I do not guarantee that having your work edited will result in representation by an agent or acceptance by a publishing house. I can only assist in putting your manuscript in the best shape possible to hopefully attract an agent or publisher.




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