Brenda Minton has sold her first book, “The Strongest Cord” to Five Star Publishing

We’ll have more about it when she has additional information.

Shirlee McCoy has just signed a three-book contract with Steeple Hill. Details will follow.


Judy Miller has signed a three-book series contract and a stand-alone book with Bethany House. More about that later too.

The Winds of Somona (Book 1 of Regalo Grande)


By Nikki Arana

Reviews:  Romantic Times “Four Stars…Arana stirs the heart on behalf of those who struggle to make a better life.”

Inspirational Romance Reviews:  “This was an amazing read.”

The Best Reviews “Fabulous inspirational tale.”

Angelica Amante, a New York lawyer, faces the most important choice of her career. Should she side with her firm and sanction the exploitation of illegal immigrants or stand against injustice? When she meets Antonio Perez, son of a poverty-stricken Mexican family, on her wealthy parents Arabian horse ranch her compassion for the poor grown. Then coinciding circumstances and conflicting lifestyles cause their worlds to collide. Angelica and Antonio find themselves at a crossroad of faith, love, and selfless commitment that will forever alter both their lives.


Lynette Sowell has a two-book contract with Barbour as follows:

Novella Title: Joie de Vivre (Anthology: Bayou Brides), Barbour Publishing, 2006

In 1819 along Louisiana’s Bayou Teche, an Acadian orphan faces an arranged marriage to the son of family friends—except it’s not the son she secretly wanted to marry.

= = = = =

Novella Title: Reuben’s Atonement (Anthology: Brothers of the Outlaw Trail), Barbour Publishing 2006

A reformed outlaw returns to his Wyoming hometown to restore his family name and earn back the family land. His old childhood friend, a tomboy now grown up, isn’t sure he wont’ turn tail and run off again—this time with her heart.

You can learn more about Lynette Sowell and her books at


An Ozark Family Christmas” An Anthology



"Making Memories"

By Janet Lee Barton


When Amanda Forrester feels backed into a corner about going home for Christmas by her loving, matchmaking family, she decides to take her neighbor, Josh Randall, home with her hoping to keep her family from setting her up with any and every availably man they know. Josh has no problem accepting her invitation. He’d like nothing more than to spend all his holidays with Amanda, but he doesn’t want to hurt the special friendship they’ve started. As they make plans for Christmas, that friendship turns to love—but will either of them ever tell the other how they feel? Only after making their way through a blizzard, a near miss with death, so they realize that the Lord has given them one more chance to start making memories of their own.


A Christmas Wish

By Jeanie Smith Cash

Abigail Forrester’s fondest wish is to make it home in time for the traditional Christmas Eve gathering at Granny Forrester’s. Relief at catching a flight fades as she recognizes her seatmate, Nicholas Creighton. She can’t help but wonder why the Lord would bring her ex-fiancé back into her life now. When their plane is grounded, she’s forced to depend on Nick’s help and driving skills to make her Christmas wish come true. Will their struggles together through bad weather, snow covered roads and a car accident melt Abby’s bitterness, allowing her to work through past hurts and leading her to realize that the Lord has given her the true wish of her heart, and he’s sitting right beside her?


A Home for the Holidays

By Christine Lynxwiler


What’s a girl to do when she realizes she’s in love with her lifelong best friend, and he wants to discuss his dating life with her, ad nauseum? Librarian Rebecca Forrester chooses to leave her hometown of Pierce City, Missouri, and move to Memphis so that Jeffery Mansfield can find a mate without having to deal with her moods. Once Rebecca moves away from Pierce City, Jeffery realizes the after-date discussions with her were always more fun than the actual dates. Can this pair of good friends rise above their differences to find love at Christmas?


Dreaming of a White Christmas

By Kathleen Y’Barbo


Casey Forrester’s first month on the job in Santa Monica, California as a window dresser for Callahan and Callahan Fine Clothiers is one she will always remember. it’s also been one she would like to forget. When EMT Ben Callahan, estranged son of the owner of Callahan & Callahan, is called out on an emergency to revive an unconscious woman in a Christmas window display, little does he know he will lose his heart to her instead. Can the pair’s whirlwind romance survive when Casey’s job and Ben’s relationship with his father are on the line? Further, can Casey choose between advancing her blossoming career and giving it all up to return to her hometown of Pierce City, Missouri, in time for Granny’s Christmas Eve celebration.


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