Murder at the Painted Lady

Avalon Books


Allie McGregor is thrilled when she inherits a Victorian Mansion from her estranged aunt, Eliza Ramsdale. The mansion is one of Stony Point, Missouri's famous Painted Ladies, but the inheritance comes with strings attached. Eliza wants Allie to find the truth and clear the name of her husband, Otis Ramsdale, who died in prison. Allie accepts the challenge, but first she has to discover who is trying to drive her out of her new home. 

Clay Carver just wants the job of restoring the Ramsdale house. He never planned on falling in love with the attractive new owner, but as the threats grow in intensity, Allie and Clay join forces to find the person behind the attacks. Can they stop the attacker before he or she goes too far?





Gathering Storm cover


The Gathering Storm

Jireh Publishing


Everyone has secrets, however Harrington Lodge holds past secrets that someone is determined to keep. A murder at the lodge, in the beautiful Ozarks, begins to get too close for comfort. Stephanie Walker, pulled into this mystery by her estranged father, Marty, now must find a killer to prove her innocence, and before she becomes the next victim.


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